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  • Listening to: Hoobstank- Crawling in the dark
  • Reading: What I wrote
  • Watching: My laptop o.O
  • Playing: With my cat, it hurts T_T
  • Eating: Maia ^^ (wafer with honey)
  • Drinking: Water from my new cup ^.^ It's orange =3
The days I feel just so BORED. It's too hot outside to go anywhere, and I don't know what to do. T_T My mother told me to do some housework, but I'm too lazy to do that. And I think that's I'll just stay in the bed all day, maybe reading or playing with the ball. -_- Damn, summer sucks when you don't have anything to do. I kinda think I start missing school. Terrifying. >_<
  • Listening to: Nickelback- Animals
  • Reading: My notes
  • Watching: Rimfrost's comics
  • Playing: With the pen
  • Eating: Nothing o_O Me on diet -_-
  • Drinking: Just water T_T
I just did my first comic after I saw Rimfrost's tutorial.… No, Maria, it wasn't useless for me. :hug: I know I'll never be as good as her, but whatever.
I need to do housework, and I don't want to. I just want to draw, or do nothing, or whatever. T_T Damn life. (Damn gravity, why dust has to be in my house? :explosion: ) Think I'll go do what my mother asked me to, or else I'll be dead in the next 3 hours... o_o
  • Listening to: East 17 - Thunder
  • Reading: Math book &gt;_&lt;
  • Watching: The math book, can't understand it o.o
  • Playing: With the pen
  • Eating: My lips, the start bleeding
  • Drinking: My own blood o_O
I'm really not in my best mood. And the music doesn't make me feel better. I have to escape!!  :sprint: *Trying to spread her wings and fly.* :sadangel: I can't wait to go to the beach, to make some photos. :D Maybe I'll even stay there one month. :boogie: But this means I need my OWN camera. :camera: :tears: And for this I need to start working :work: because my parents won't give me money for it. :tears: *Starts looking after some jobs.* :pc: :sherlock:  I'm not so sure that I'll find one because of my age, me too young. :cries:
Tomorrow I have exam at Maths and I know more than nothing. :sarcasm: I hope I'll get a good mark at my exam. :fingerscrossed: I don't want to go to school! :crying: And I don't really have good marks ^^; so this make me wanna go to school even more. ^^; I just wanna kill some of my teachers. :stab: :fork: Cant I make a clone of me and put her to do what I don't like? :clone:
I think I'll start learning at Math. :stupidme: ^^;